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Have a peek at how our detailed, in-depth, penetration test report looks. This sample report will show all the sections of the report and some sample (not real) vulnerabilities.

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Advance Penetration Testing

In-Depth Analysis Cloud Infrastructure, Web, And Mobile Applications Tailored For Business-Critical Environments, Incorporating A Rigorous Assessment Approach To Ensure Best Results

Disrupting Penetration Testing

Redefining Cybersecurity Assessments For Digital World: A Research-Focused Approach

Web | Mobile | API | Cloud | Infrastructure | IOT | Web3

Spanning The Entire Digital Ecosystem: Expertly Securing Web and  Mobile apps, APIs, Cloud Environments, Infrastructure, IoT, and Web3 apps as well.

Zero False Positives Guarantee: Unparalleled Accuracy In Our Assessments By Completely Eliminating False Positives.

Comprehensive Reporting with In-Depth Insights: Our Detailed Report Go Beyond Simply Listing Vulnerabilities; They Provide A Deep Dive Into Business Impacts

Ongoing Support and Cutting-Edge Research: Post-Assessment, We Stand By Your Side With Expert Guidance

Penetration Testing Phases

Planning And Reconnaissance

Defining The Scope & Gathering Data On The Target Environments: Including Domain Details, Network Infrastructure, Potential Entry Points.

Scanning And Vulnerability Assessment

Scan Target Systems To Detect Vulnerabilities, Using Both Automated Tools And Manual Methods For Comprehensive Security Analysis.


Simulating Real-World Attacks to Exploit Known Vulnerabilities, Assessing Potential System or Data Compromise.

Reporting And Debriefing

Preparing A Detailed Report on Findings, Highlighting Vulnerabilities, Impact, and Remediation Priorities, Followed by a Debriefing Session for In-depth Discussion.

Select Your Shield: Customized Penetration Testing

Navigate Your Security Landscape: Personalize Your Penetration Test Today

Define Your Scope, Choose the Ideal Penetration Testing Service to Fortify Your Digital Frontiers

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Ideal For
Compliance Requirement & Quick Results

Core Shield
(Black Box Pentest)

Standard Penetration Test To Test The Effectiveness of Their External Defenses and Discover Vulnerabilities That an External Attacker Might Exploit.

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Web, Mobile, API, Network, Cloud
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Ideal For
Business Critical & High Risk Environments

CoreGuard Pro
(Crystal Box Pentest)

Advanced, Comprehensive Penetration Test, Leveraging System Knowledge & Access. Ideal for Mission-Critical Applications.

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Web, Mobile, API, Network, Cloud

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