Cloud Security Review

Enhance Your Cloud Security With Expert Review! We Thoroughly Assess Your Infrastructure Across Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, And Azure Cloud To Ensure Optimal Security

Full-Spectrum Cloud Defense

Leverage Our Cutting-Edge Security Expertise Across Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, And Azure. We Ensure Your Digital Assets Are Shielded With State-Of-The-Art Protective Measures Across All Major Cloud Environments.

Comprehensive Cloud Security Audit

In-Depth Cloud Security Audit

Conduct Meticulous Manual Inspections Of Every Cloud Resource And Configuration To Pinpoint And Rectify Security Misconfigurations, Ensuring Robust Digital Fortification.

Continuous Scan Integration

Empower Your Security Protocols With Our Continuous Scan Integration. We Set Up State-Of-The-Art Automated Scanning Systems Within Your Cloud Infrastructure, Enabling Ongoing Vulnerability Assessments To Safeguard Your Operations Continuously.

Automated Security Scans

Deploy Advanced Algorithms To Perform Swift, Automated Analyses Of Your Cloud Infrastructure’s Security Configurations, Identifying Vulnerabilities With Precision And Speed.

Proactive Alert Monitoring

Elevate Your Security Posture With Our Proactive Alert Monitoring Service. Our Expert Team Remains On Guard, Monitoring Cloud Security Alerts And Responding To Potential Threats In Real Time, Ensuring Persistent Protection And Peace Of Mind.

Multi-Platform Cloud Security Expertise

Covering All Major Cloud Providers, Ensuring Comprehensive Security Reviews Tailored To Each Platform’s Unique Architecture

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Review

  • IAM and Permission Audits: Review  Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies to ensure principle of least privilege is adhered.

  • Network Configuration Checks: Examination of VPC settings, security groups, and NACLs to ensure network isolation and secure access controls.

  • S3 Bucket Integrity: Validation of S3 bucket policies and encryption settings to prevent unauthorized data exposure or access.

Azure Cloud Security Review

  • Resource Group Management: Inspect resource groups for consistent policy application, and compliance alignment with corporate standards.

  • Network Security Groups (NSG) Analysis: Review NSG setups to confirm proper segmentation and access restrictions are in place.

  • Identity Controls Review: Evaluate Azure Active Directory configurations, role-based access controls, and multi-factor authentication enforcement to strengthen identity security.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Security Review

  • Resource Hierarchy Evaluations: Analyze the organization, folders, projects, and policies for adherence to best practices in security and governance.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Security: Assessment of firewall rules, private network configurations, and interconnect options to safeguard against external threats.

  • Data Storage Security: Ensure encryption and access controls are robust for services like Cloud Storage and BigQuery to protect sensitive data.

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