We at ENCIPHERS firmly believe that whether it is a growing firm or a well-known enterprise, security is compelling priority. As a team of enthusiastic security researchers, we invest per diem in uncovering security vulnerabilities for our clients. Being a security services provider, we make sure that you are able to use our website and products securely. We are committed to the privacy and security of our user’s data. But YES, vulnerabilities are inevitable. For that sole reason, we are inviting security professionals to test for any vulnerabilities on our website or products (under scope).

Whether it is a low severity vulnerability or a critical one, forward us your report by submitting the form below. As of now, we are not providing monetary rewards for low & medium severity vulnerabilities. Monetary/Swag rewards are supplied only for High and critical severity vulnerabilities. Though, we would be happy to put your name in our Hall Of Fame.

Rules Of Engagement

When submitting potential vulnerabilities, we ask that you follow our guidelines for disclosure. A submission that does not meet these requirements may not qualify for the Hall of Fame.

The following attributes are expected in a valid submission:

  • Description of the vulnerability
  • Steps for reproducing the vulnerability. If we cannot reliably reproduce the issue, we cannot fix it
  • Impact of the vulnerability with an exploit scenario
  • Proof of concept (Explain what you have achieved to do. No Attachment needed)

Important Note

Our responsible disclosure program is now hosted on VantagePoint


This program has been changed to a invite-only, vulnerability disclosure program, hosted on our own platform - VantagePoint

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